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How To Unlock ALL NEW Schematics in MW3 Zombies Season 1! (Legendary & Classified Schematics Gui

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How To Unlock ALL Legendary & Classified Schematics in MW3 Zombies Season 1!
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Learn how to unlock all the new schematics in Modern Warfare Zombie Season 1, from the powerful Dog Bone to the legendary Scorcher Weapon Case! Click that thumbs up if you find this video helpful and subscribe for more guides and tutorials on Zombies. In this first section, we'll show you how to obtain the new Classified Schematics through the Act 4 Story Mission and the Dark Aether Rift. The second section will show you how to obtain the new Legendary Schematics through a secret Red Worm Boss Fight. MW3 Zombies Aether Blade Schematic, MW3 Zombies Dog Bone Schematic, MW3 Zombies Golden Armor Plate Schematic, MW3 Zombies Legendary Aether Tool Schematic, MW3 Zombies Flawless Aetherium Crystal Schematic, MW3 Zombies Scorcher Weapon Case.

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