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Silence Your Negative Thoughts
Silence Your Negative Thoughts paccione 8 Views β€’ 16 days ago

Sometimes it can be difficult to find hope in everyday situations. Maybe you or someone you know struggles with negative thoughts, and it feels like every day is a bad day. In this message, we’re learning how to fight against negativity and find the positive.

Sometimes, we’re facing battles that no one else can see. Maybe it’s trying to move forward after loss or uneasiness about the future. What do we do when we don’t understand what we’re feeling and hope seems far away? In our new series, Peace of Mind, we’ll learn how to fight our mental battles and find peace.

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Talking to Yourself - 00:00
Silence Your Negative Thoughts - 02:56
Your Thoughts Are Powerful - 04:10
Why is Negativity So Toxic? - 06:53
Stuck In an Ongoing Negative Loop - 08:59
Four Areas Where You Are Most Prone to Negativity - 11:29
Can You Change? - 16:05
You Have Power Over Your Thoughts - 18:37
David Found Strength in the Lord - 20:47
Meditate On God’s Word - 26:46
Look For the Good - 32:55

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you laugh 6,9 times, you restart
you laugh 6,9 times, you restart cashinvids 8 Views β€’ 1 year ago

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THIS SHOCKED US |tiny house, homesteading, off-grid, cabin build, DIY, HOW TO, sawmill, tractor
THIS SHOCKED US |tiny house, homesteading, off-grid, cabin build, DIY, HOW TO, sawmill, tractor cashinvids 7 Views β€’ 1 year ago

It was a wild and unexpected adventure that hits C'mon Mountain.


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| couple builds
| tiny house | off-grid, cabin build, tractor, homesteading, farming solar, room DIY vlogmas2022
| cabin build well solar off grid homesteading sawmill DIY
| abandoned cabin, cabin build, homesteading, well, solar, diy, tractor work
| off-grid, cabin build, Concrete slab tractor tiny house solar room DIY

STEVE HARVEY Funny Family Feud Easter Answers
STEVE HARVEY Funny Family Feud Easter Answers cashinvids 6 Views β€’ 1 year ago

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STEVE HARVEY Funny Family Feud Easter Answers

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The UK Tonight with Sarah-Jane Mee: Post Office Inquiry barrister loses patience with former boss
The UK Tonight with Sarah-Jane Mee: Post Office Inquiry barrister loses patience with former boss 121gamers 5 Views β€’ 29 days ago

The barrister for the Post Office Inquiry loses patience with Angela van den Bogerd today, questioning her claim that she couldn’t remember a key email about the scandal. She insisted she never knowingly did anything wrong.

Sarah-Jane Mee is joined in the studio by a former subpostmaster, wrongly convicted and sent to prison, while Angela van den Bogerd was in post

Full story ➑️
UK Tonight πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ ➑️

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I'm building an off-grid aquaponics greenhouse
I'm building an off-grid aquaponics greenhouse cashinvids 5 Views β€’ 1 year ago

My greatest video of all time The truth about why I moved off grid I'm building an off-grid aquaponics greenhouse on my high desert homestead. I like to use scrap material and build as frugal as possible when I can. Here's an example of a cheap system, anyone can set up.

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