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The Diabolical Things Nazis Did During WW2
The Diabolical Things Nazis Did During WW2 121gamers 1 Views • 1 year ago

Hitler and his leadership team were the world's worst nightmare during the long period of Nazi policy in Germany. They became the judges and executioners of all those they considered enemies of their regime or simply unacceptable people who did not fit into their fantastic conception of the Aryan race.

More than 40,000 concentration camps were created, horrible places where none of us would ever wish to find ourselves. They were the deadly prisons of millions of Jews, political opponents, prisoners of war, beggars, workers of sin and people attracted to the same gender who were deprived of their freedom for no reason, performed forced labor and were treated as slaves, ending up as just another body in a pit.

Today we will get to know what the worst torments were that those poor souls suffered unjustly and we will look directly into the eyes of death, Welcome to Copernicus’s Galaxy.


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