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Nigel Farage offers 'hope' to the UK, argues LBC caller

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Shelagh Fogarty debates with Nigel Farage supporter John, who believes the Reform UK leader offers 'hope' to the UK.

John, who is a descendent of refugees, also believes that the 'key to solving immigration' is to leave the ECHR. Shelagh challenges caller John on his theory.

0:12 Nigel Farage offers 'hope' to caller John
0:33 'Do you know what he thinks about the country's education system?', asks Shelagh
1:29 John says the 'key to solving immigration' is leaving the EHCR
2:25 Most immigrants coming over are 'young men', says John
3:24 Neither you nor I can say what those people are facing, says Shelagh
4:30 Shelagh highlights the 'broken' refugee system
6:12 The legal system will have a 'better chance' without the ECHR, says John

Listen to the full show on Global Player: https://app.af.globalplayer.co....m/Br0x/LBCYouTubeLis

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