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Solar Impact | Action Thriller Horror Sci-Fi | Full Movie

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Solar Impact | Action Thriller Horror Sci-Fi | Full Movie

The plot of the film "Solar Impact" unfolds in a world where solar debris crashes down, causing global devastation. A group of intrigued friends decides to survive amidst the spread of genetic mutations and the threat of solar radiation. Our heroes find themselves at the epicenter of chaos and must join forces to survive and find a way to escape.

They face daunting challenges: seeking shelter from radiation, overcoming obstacles created by changes in human genetics, and finding ways to preserve their humanity and mutual assistance amid chaos and destruction. Every step towards salvation proves perilous, but together they have the strength to withstand even such immense challenges to preserve their lives and hope for the trinianpal473 future.

Director - Craig Tudor James

Writer - Simon Park

Stars - Oliver Park, Natalie Martins, Lucy Aarden

Action, Thriller, Horror, Sci-Fi

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